EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam presents a major exhibition focusing on director David Cronenberg, who acquired cult status with his idiosyncratic films about the relationship between body, mind, technology and mass media. In 1990, IFFR dedicated a retrospective to this Canadian filmmaker.

David Cronenberg: The Exhibition explores Cronenberg’s world through the main themes of his films: the physical and psychological transformation of his protagonists.

His short The Nest was commissioned for the exhibition and is now available online for the first time. Through the point of view of a doctor (voiced by Cronenberg himself), a woman (Evelyne Brochu) who has made the request for a very unorthodox breast operation is interviewed. Could the rough-looking operating room actually be Cronenberg’s garage?

Please note that The Nest will only be available on the IFFR YouTube channel for the duration of the exhibition until September 14.

Screenshot (566)

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Mai multe despre David Cronenberg, The Exhibitionaici.

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