Julie Verhoeven: „Truth is overrated.”

Ce nu a făcut Julie Verhoeven? Instalaţii, picturi, ilustraţii, video, scaune, tricouri… O recunoaşteţi pe Julie Verhoeven, pentru că ea a creat faimoasa copertă Bande à Part pentru Nouvelle Vague. A făcut design de genţi pentru Louis Vuitton, imprimeuri pentru Versace, campanii de advertising pentru Cacharel, a regizat Some Velvet Morning de Primal Scream feat. Kate Moss, şi o straiţă de alte nebunii scumpe şi legendare.

Chestionarul The Chronicle vs. Julie Verhoeven

George Şerban: What book(s) are you reading now ?
Julie Verhoeven: Love All by Molly Parkin.

G.Ş.: What do you fear most ?
Julie Verhoeven: Being run over crossing a road.

G.Ş.: Electric or acoustic ?
Julie Verhoeven: Acoustic.

G.Ş.: What is truth ?
Julie Verhoeven: Overrated.

G.Ş.: Where are you now ?
Julie Verhoeven: Prêt-a-Manger cafe, London.

G.Ş.: Do you believe in life after death ?
Julie Verhoeven: Sadly not.

G.Ş.: What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you ?
Julie Verhoeven: Divorce.

G.Ş.: Can you name us three historical events you wish you’d been part of ?
Julie Verhoeven: 1) Trial of Oscar Wilde; 2) 9/11; 3) Votes for Women.

G.Ş.: The most sentimental song you’ve listened to ?
Julie Verhoeven: The First Cut Is The Deepest by PJ Arnold.

G.Ş.: Do you like sushi ?
Julie Verhoeven: It’s not my top choice.

G.Ş.: What’s to be done if the end of the world won’t come this year either ?
Julie Verhoeven: Have a mini break, perhaps ?

G.Ş.: With what impressions you would leave the Earth today ?
Julie Verhoeven: Could I have done better ?

G.Ş.: What are you thinking when you hear about “human rights” ?
Julie Verhoeven: That ugly, evil people really do exist.

G.Ş.: The thing you’re looking for but still haven’t found it ?
Julie Verhoeven: Contentment and stillness.

G.Ş.: What is a poem ?
Julie Verhoeven: Food for thought.

G.Ş.: Everything is relative ?
Julie Verhoeven: Yes, and everything happens for a reason.

G.Ş.: What is rationality’s purpose?
Julie Verhoeven: Keeps people sane.

G.Ş.: Are you happy ?
Julie Verhoeven: Riding a fluctuant scale.

G.Ş.: An artist you recommend and a reason to why we should pay him/her attention ?
Julie Verhoeven: Eric Yahnyer. Art with jokes, can only but enhance one’s life?

G.Ş.: Is life enough ?
Julie Verhoeven: It’s a given.

G.Ş.: What can you tell us about Paris ?
Julie Verhoeven: Nice for a holiday, dull to live in.

G.Ş.: Who killed Kennedy, after all ?
Julie Verhoeven: Somebody with issues.

G.Ş.: What significant progress you notice from cave life to the present ?
Julie Verhoeven: Less exposed flesh and excess body hair.

G.Ş.: What are you planning to do tomorrow?
Julie Verhoeven: Tomorrow is a teaching day.

G.Ş.: The illusion you refuse to confront with the concrete reality ?
Julie Verhoeven: That inanimate objects have feelings too.

G.Ş.: A question for posterity ?
Julie Verhoeven: More is never enough?


Julie Verhoeven este artist vizual. www.julieverhoeven.com


Istoric fotografii:

1. Julie Verhoeven by Mauro Cocilio
2. Versace, Spring Summer 2009, print design
3. Louis Vuitton, Spring Summer 2002, Frog Bag, photography Mert & Marcus
4. Dummies, Dazed & Confused, December 2001, photographer Jenny Van Sommers
5. Plastic Dreams
6. Gluteous Maximus Part 2. Her Indoors (installation detail)



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