Spring Photography Selection 2013

This year’s Spring Photography Selection brings together the work of 6 artists, whose work has investigated the human body and its relationship to the surrounding physical or a projected emotional landscape. Navigating between the constructed and the observed, the works included move from portraying the reality of lived experience to enactments of vulnerability through filmic narratives. Seen or unseen, viewers are invited to consider their own position in relation to the photographer or observer and the subject or observed, and to understand ways in which the human condition is inseparable from and affected by its environment.

Included in the selection are works from Nadav Kander’s critically acclaimed series BODIES, 6 women, 1 man in which the ‘bodies’ featured are painted and set against the void of the photographers studio. Geir Moseid is a Norwegian photographer whose work is often based around moments ‘plucked’ from an everyday narrative. Photographed to suggest a subtle, sinister undercurrent, the home acts as the stage set for many of his images. With his beautifully quiet, cinematic photographs, Glen Erler’s project Family Tree traces the roots of the artist’s upbringing.

Set against the backdrop of the French countryside, Mona Kuhn’s Bordeaux Series is a selection of nude portraits of the artist’s friends and extended family. Each sitter is photographed in the same room of an old farmhouse, and the portraits are displayed alongside black and white vistas of the surrounding landscape. Julie Cockburn’s embellishment of found photographs by embroidering, painting and reassembling, delivers the images out of redundancy into a meaningful present. With his series Tokyo Compression, Michael Wolf depicts the infamous conditions endured on Tokyo’s subway and the uncompromising close human proximity experienced daily by thousands of workers.

Istoric fotografii:

1. nadav kander, mengxi stamping, 2010
2. glen erler, oranges. after the fire, valley center, ca. 2007
3. michael wolf, tokyo compression #75, 2009
4. glen erler, aunt holly holding a photo of dinah, la mesa, ca. 2006
5. julie cockburn, involved, 2009
6. julie cockburn, the disguise, 2013
7. mona kuhn, portrait 33, 2011
8. mona kuhn, paysage 6, 2011
9. geir moseid, under, 2012

Expoziţia Spring Photography Selection 2013 este deschisă la Flowers Gallery, Londra, 82, Kingsland Road, până în data de 11 mai 2013.



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