Interviu pe Facebook cu MGMT: „We will always fuck with you all.”

Acum un an (nu sunt sigur), MGMT şi-au programat o sesiune de întrebări deschise pe Facebook, de Sfântul Valentin. Am avut inspiraţia să fac o copie a subsolurilor şi norocul să o mai găsesc, necăutând-o. În interviul de faţă, absolut halucinogen, puteţi afla cine are penisul mai mare în formaţia MGMT, ce ar face MGMT dacă ar fi, pentru o zi, fată, sau ce nume de scenă şi-ar alege dacă ar fi un star porno. Şi, desigur, puteţi citi şi un haiku semnat de MGMT (atenţie, interviul păstrează estetica scrierii virtuale).

A: Morgan Freeman.

Esmeralda Marroquin: Will, How sexual are you on a scale of 1-10?

Dani Marie Epstein: Andrew, do you have a glitter penis? Can I stroke it ? Little Penis?
A: yes yes and YES AGAIN.

Lydia Caprani Met: andrew/ben/james in Leeds Sept 2010, do you remember or were you too high?
Andrew: we remember. thanks again for the casseroles.

Nicole Hammond: Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
James: Not as such.

Flooded Pumpkin: Who has the biggest penis, second to Will, in the band!?

Monica Giraldi: would you ever fuck a dog in the ass?
Andrew: depends.

Andrew: oh no Poopy, whaddo we do now??!

Sarah D’ombre: What is the the best way to get the pet hair off your clothes?

Missy Cruse: Andrew! What happened to the tye-dyed poncho? (ps. Im on my Moms account.)
A: it’s in the studio in the chair in the back corner.

Billy Wacome: Whats your favorite way of smokin weed.
A: bowls, bongs, blunts, joints, two headed joint, ground bong.

Robert Trautman: who’s had sex the most out of you all?
we are all virgins

Joseline Davila: If you were a girl for one day, what would you do?
8am-8:45 – touch my boobs
8:46 – brush teeth
10:16 – fresh ocean snacks
11:00 – 8:30 pm – pillow fight with girl friends
9pm – transformation back into cuddle fish

Robin Frostensson: why are you guys such jerks!!!!! stop ignoring me and answer my god damn questions!!!! what do you think of the line ”bresko kadresko”. and please answer now!!!!!
Andrew: i think it needs more k’s.

Samantha Marie Miller: will you guys consider a meet and greet around the New York / Connecticut area?
Andrew: yes. lets meet on the corner of 125th and lexington in 2 hours. We’ll be in the grey coat.

Sasha Mysticbullshit: YOUR FAVOURITE DOG??? (andrew)
harlequin great dane

Andres Zegarra Flores: Why when I write your name google complete it with the word “gay” ? really try it, put andrew vanwny… and then google will say “gay”.
Andrew: I’m sorry.

Flopys Salas: Andrew do you have a girlfriend?
yes many.

Tanner Conen: If you had to eradicate one species from the earth, which would it be?
Andrew: Facebook.

Kyle Harms: If you were to star in a pornographic film, what would it be called?
Andrew: “What do you mean if 8”.

Molly Turner: Have you ever used Viagra? also, how many tacos can you eat in 5 minutes?
Andrew: when on viagra I can eat many many tacos in 5 minutes, all while ROCK HARD.

Anu Somaratna: Do you enjoy skipping my questions and crushing my hopes?

Mike Boselli: Is really everything you say true?

Raia Llona: Do you like French people?
A: it is possible.

(semnatar necunoscut) MGMT, will you please write a haiku for us all?

disorganized “chat”
grandparents hover skateboards
whistling Dixie

Andres Alban: can u play ur instruments with urs dicks?
James: sometime.

Cheyenne Courtway: If I smoke hella dank weed with you, will you hangout at my apartment for a day and CHILL your minds out??? FOR REALS. I love you all.
Matt: Yeah of Course. duh.
James: Fo Sho.

Britton Dudley: What is the best weed you guys have smoked?

Nedim Sulejmanović: were you guys on drugs while doing your albums?

Kelly Clayton: Are you going to answer any serious questions? Or just going to continue fucking with us all? Not that I mind, I would do the same, just wondering?
this process is more complicated than expected. But yes, we will always fuck with you all

Dora Puza Puljic: Do you trade hats… or cats? And do you smoke weed before all your concerts?
A: of course. what kind of silly question is that?

Vanessa Jaed Shepherd: Sometimes, you just have to booty bounce your problems away – do you believe this to be true?
A: Did Mark Twain give a good moustache ride?

Emma Nunney: apart from getting stoned, how do you pass the time?
A: Does Mark Twain give good head?

Luísa Maria Moreira Lima: Is Lady Dada Nightmare some how related to Lady Gaga? I’m just sayin’.
A: Not really.

Joseline Davila: Sex with food?

Amanda Dos Santos Vieira: Are you guys dating?
yes, each other.

Kylie Power: Favorite non pornographic magazine to masturbate to?
Will: highlights for children.

Josh Webb: What are your favorite drugs?
mushrooms, lsd, weed & special k from all

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