Aaron Smith: „Kafka would be worried about internet censorship.”

Chiar am uitat de culori.

Chestionarul The Chronicle vs. Aaron Smith

George Şerban: What book(s) are you reading now ?
Aaron Smith: Everything I can get my hands on about Oceanic Art and Mythology.

G.Ş.: What do you fear most ?
Aaron Smith: Besides a premature burial? Mediocrity.

G.Ş.: Electric or acoustic ?
Aaron Smith: Acoustic.

G.Ş.: What is truth ?
Aaron Smith: Art can be more truthful than reality.

G.Ş.: Where are you now ?
Aaron Smith: At my kitchen table in my underwear.

G.Ş.: Do you believe in life after death ?
Aaron Smith: We are just part of the continuum.

G.Ş.: What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you ?
Aaron Smith: I suppose being a twin. He’a an artist as well.

G.Ş.: The most sentimental song you’ve listened to ?
Aaron Smith: „Everybody Hurts” by REM.

G.Ş.: Do you like sushi ?
Aaron Smith: A trick question ? Yes.

G.Ş.: What’s to be done if the end of the world won’t come this year either ?
Aaron Smith: Let’s get on with it! (life)

G.Ş.: With what impressions you would leave the Earth today ?
Aaron Smith: I’d like to leave behind a few good paintings.

G.Ş.: What are you thinking when you hear about “human rights” ?
Aaron Smith: Worldwide Female Rights + Marriage Equality.

G.Ş.: What is a poem ?
Aaron Smith: A face.

G.Ş.: Everything is relative ?
Aaron Smith: Hapiness is relative.

G.Ş.: What is rationality’s purpose ?
Aaron Smith: Very little for me.

G.Ş.: Are you happy ?
Aaron Smith: Happy, but not satisfied.

G.Ş.: To what extent Kafka would have had problems with the law ?
Aaron Smith: Kafka would be worried about internet censorship.

G.Ş.: An artist you recommend and a reason to why we should pay him/her attention ?
Aaron Smith: Ryan Mosley makes gutsy, gorgeous paintings. …very sensual, humorous and thoughtful.

G.Ş.: Is life enough ?
Aaron Smith: It’s what we have.

G.Ş.: What can you tell us about Paris ?
Aaron Smith: The Musée Gustave Moreau is a favorite place.

G.Ş.: Who killed Kennedy, after all ?
Aaron Smith: I’m not much of a conspiracy man.

G.Ş.: What significant progress you notice from cave life to the present ?
Aaron Smith: Better Bedding.

G.Ş.: The illusion you refuse to confront with the concrete reality ?
Aaron Smith: My Optimism.

G.Ş.: A question for posterity ?
Aaron Smith: Why not?


Aaron Smith este pictor.

Istoricul picturilor:

1. Chopsy, 2011, 28″ x 24″, oil on panel.
2. Zhooshy, 2011, 60″ x 48″, oil on panel.
3. Buck, 2011, 28″ x 24″, oil on panel.
4. Blower, 2011, 20″ x 20″, oil on panel.

Toate lucrările sunt semnate de Aaron Smith.
foto © Sloan Fine Arts & Aaron Smith.



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