Adam Wallacavage: „I believe you can go swimming in oceans full of fish from every kind of ocean in the universe.”

La piovra sculptată pentru a ilumina.

Chestionarul The Chronicle vs. Adam Wallacavage

George Şerban: What book(s) are you reading now ?
Adam Wallacavage: Tony Duquette, More is More.

G.Ş.: What do you fear most ?
Adam Wallacavage: I fear worry the most. I try my best not to worry and to deal with whatever happens when it happens.

G.Ş.: Electric or acoustic ?
Adam Wallacavage: Wind up.

G.Ş.: What is truth ?
Adam Wallacavage: Something not easily invented and best found through wisdom.

G.Ş.: Where are you now ?
Adam Wallacavage: In my library room on the second floor of my house in South Philadelphia, sitting on a couch with my laptop. The sun is beaming through the blinds and it is a beautiful crisp bright Spring morning.

G.Ş.: Do you believe in life after death ?
Adam Wallacavage: I believe in an afterlife. I believe that all the mysteries of life will be found there. I believe you can go swimming in oceans full of fish from every kind of ocean in the universe. I believe I will rejoin friends and family but I don’t know all that much about it yet.

G.Ş.: What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you ?
Adam Wallacavage: It happened December 31st 2009. I was invited up in to a real rabbit hole.

G.Ş.: The most sentimental song you’ve listened to ?
Adam Wallacavage: Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione.

G.Ş.: Do you like sushi ?
Adam Wallacavage: Yeah, but I’m not into the reality of overfishing.

G.Ş.: What’s to be done if the end of the world won’t come this year either ?
Adam Wallacavage: Well, we will have to raise money for more reliable research for the real end of the world date, of course!

G.Ş.: With what impressions you would leave the Earth today?
Adam Wallacavage: I’m not confused about it. I get it. I understand the balance of reality.

G.Ş.: What are you thinking when you hear about “human rights” ?
Adam Wallacavage: I think about how fortunate I am to be living where I live and having the upbringing I’ve had.

G.Ş.: The thing you’re looking for but still haven’t found it ?
Adam Wallacavage: I’m becoming very comfortable being single so it might not be love anymore. Maybe healthy meatball sandwiches?

G.Ş.: What is a poem ?
Adam Wallacavage: Something that sounds good in song.

G.Ş.: Everything is relative ?
Adam Wallacavage: Sure.

G.Ş.: What is rationality’s purpose?
Adam Wallacavage: It’s what grounds a dreamer if they can find it.

G.Ş.: Are you happy ?
Adam Wallacavage: I really am, yes.

G.Ş.: To what extent Kafka would have had problems with the law ?
Adam Wallacavage: I don’t know but I’ve never been to Prague and that needs to be addressed in my life.

G.Ş.: An artist you recommend and a reason to why we should pay him/her attention ?
Adam Wallacavage: Antoni Gaudi.

G.Ş.: Is life enough ?
Adam Wallacavage: Of course not.

G.Ş.: What can you tell us about Paris ?
Adam Wallacavage: Every single person there speaks perfect English and they love it when you make no attempt to speak French. I love Paris and can’t wait to go back.

G.Ş.: Who killed Kennedy, after all ?
Adam Wallacavage: Texas is the reason.

G.Ş.: What significant progress you notice from cave life to the present ?
Adam Wallacavage: Tanning booths.

G.Ş.: What are you planning to do tomorrow?
Adam Wallacavage: Tomorrow is Saturday so hopefully going to the beach to put the boat in the water for the Summer then Mark Lanegan Band is playing Philadelphia tomorrow night and I’m going to see that show.

G.Ş.: The illusion you refuse to confront with the concrete reality ?
Adam Wallacavage: FDR skatepark is right down the street from where I live.

G.Ş.: A question for posterity ?
Adam Wallacavage: Don’t sleep too much.


Adam Wallacavage este fotograf şi sculptor.



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