Îmbracă istoria în hainele tale

What We Wore este un proiect dedicat în primul rând oamenilor şi în al doilea rând hainelor pe care le-au purtat sau le (mai) poartă în prezent. Este o tentativă uşor emoţionantă de a reconfigura stilurile de îmbrăcăminte prin care au trecut cetăţenii englezi, cuplate cu micro-poveşti personale. Fiecare dintre ei îşi merită locul în această istorie, fie că avem de-a face cu obsedaţi de modă sau cu cei cărora li se rupe chiştocul că undeva sub tricou scrie YSL. În 2014, fotografiile şi poveştile lor vor fi expuse şi publicate de Prestel într-un album. Aşteptăm.


Les the Rocker was usually seen at The White Hart in Southall, Clay Pigeon in Eastcote, Royalty Nightspot in Southgate among other venues, he also remembers when he had that much hair too! Circa 1984.


I was always mad about fashion from an early age and couldn’t wait to have a say in what I wore – I remember aged 12 and buying my first own choice top which was a multi coloured web top which must have been a Missoni copy top probably from Chelsea Girl a store I loved and purple flared cord trousers.


Big Hair for the start of the 80s. This is me on the left taking a break from recording our first single with Voxpop at Hollywood Studios, Hackney, with our drummer Steve in his ‘Johnsons’ jacket.


Clothes bought in King’s Road – velvet flairs, flower shirts. Arguments with Marxists. I was a recent convert to Hayek. Reading – Dostoyevsky, Proust, Kafka, Pinter, Mandelshtam, Brecht. Vodka and hash for late nights. Almost no weed then. No one concerned about jobs. Plenty to go round. No TV in people’s rooms. London seemed miles away.


This photo was taken in my bedroom when I lived with my mother in Bury, just experimenting with my photo gear.


My best friend Pam and I worked as seamstresses in Spitalfields in 1954. We were paid by garment, 9 pence for a frock and would work until 9pm some nights.


This was taken in 1966, around the time my best friend and I loved going to all nighters.


Sursa fotografiilor şi a descrierilor: What We Wore.



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