Future feminism

I’ve been thinking all day about the moon. Like, it is an accident that when women menstruate once a month and that the moon comes once a month? Or other animals synchronising this way with the moon? My brother works in mental health and he says there’s a lot more hopitalisations and periods of activity during the full moon. It’s a known fact in mental health that people are more excitable around the full moon. And, then, what about the fact that we’re made of 70% water? And then the whole ocean reacts to the full moon, in a serious way? Everything is ticking around that moon. And if we’re 70% water I must be having some, at least, homeopathic relationship with the changing cicles of the moon. I can’t escape my obsession with the idea that I am made out of this place, because I was raised to believe that I fundamentally was constituted of spiritual matter that was from somewhere else, like heaven or from a sky-god. (…) After we die, there will be a paradise for us and this place is kind of a work station where we get our T’s crossed and our I’s dotted before we go off a real spiritual dimension.

But I’m a witch. I actually de-baptised myself. And what’s great about being transgender is that you are born with a natural religion. It applies almost across the board, no matter what culture, economic group or nation you’re from. You’re almost automatically a witch. None of the patriarchal monotheisms will have you. It’s very clear that in most of those religions you’ll be put to death (…) Did you hear what the Pope said a couple of years ago, on Christmas? He said that the marriage of gay and lesbians was as much a treat to the future of our world as the collapse of the rain forrests. So that gives you a sense, just an inkling of his approach to the homosexual question. And that’s just the homosexual question, he didn’t even addressed the transgender question. God knows what we’ve caused. All sorts of wars and strives. All manner of hurt. I’m worried that the ecology of the world is collapsing and that I don’t have anywhere to be reborn. Because I actually believe like, where any of us is going? Where any of us has ever gone? We’ve come back here in some other form.

Did you know that whales were once land-roaming mammals? And then they crawled back in to the ocean, trying to find something to eat, and eventually they got rid of their hands and legs? I’ve been searching and searching for that little bit of my constitution that isn’t all over this place and I still haven’t found it. Every atom of me, every element of me seems to resonate, seems to reflect the great world around me. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is God’s best idea. That this manifest-world is the frontier of his dream. Or her dream, in my opinion. So, that’s just my point of view from where I can establish a new way to value the world that I’m a part of. Because, if I’m not headed to paradise (…) when I die, then I have more of a vested interest in observing a sustainable relationship with this place. It’s a very indigenous idea that the world is a female, that the Earth menstruates, that the water of the world is the blood of the woman’s body, and that’s where we crawled out just in the same way that we crawled out from our mother’s womb. It’s the most basic idea. Any child could come up with it. And it’s so obvious.

And yet we’ve been straining for this sky-gods for a couple of thousand years now. I remember praying to God when I was six years old; I was raised catholic and I prayed really hard and I waited and waited to hear that summons. (…) I’ve heard two rumors about the Dalai Lama. One is that he said he wasn’t going to be reincarnated, because the world is going to be too dangerous. And that’s probably just a rumour. But then I heard a far more interesting rumour, which is that the Dalai Lama said that the next time he reincarnates it will be as a girl. Which will be the first in the history of buddhism. But I think that that is the most revolutionary thing he could possibly do and the most helpful spiritual gesture that he could make. And I’m very interested in the feminization of the deities. I’m very interested in Jesus as a girl and extremely interested in Allah as a woman. (…) It may sound far-fetched, but if you look at your own beliefs, just imagine how quickly you’ve accepted the idea that the ocean is rising and the ecology of our world is collapsing. We can actually imagine that more readily than we can imagine a switch to patriarchal to matriarchal systems of governance. A subtle shift in the way our society works. It’s obviously a very broad statement and, of course, Sarah Palin exists. I don’t bother me with that. (…)


Transcripţia discursului (incomplet?) „Future feminism”, susţinut recent de Antony Hegardy; mai jos poate fi găsită înregistrarea audio.



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