Departing Angel

Screenshot (2799)Bill Viola’s Five Angels for the Millennium is one of his most ambitious and complex works to date. Dealing with the theme of water and its historical, psychological and spiritual dimensions, it features five video images (Departing Angel, Birth Angel, Fire Angel, Ascending Angel, Creation Angel) projected directly onto a wall in a dark room. Five Angels for the Millennium was aquired in 2003 by Tate, the Whitney Museum, New York, and the Pompidou Centre, Paris. This acquisition is believed to be the first international co-purchase by three major museums of a contemporary work of this significance.

When Bill Viola was 6 years old he fell into a lake, all the way to the bottom, to a place which seemed like paradise.

Bill Viola is considered the most important living video artist.


Bill Viola
Departing Angel, 2000
Video/sound installation
(This clip is two minutes in length; the full running time of the actual installation is 10 minutes.)



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