Săbiile adevărului

Adevărul e cea mai simplă minciună.

tumblr_m3a4ua1YlO1rrjmgoo1_500Gem-set rock crystal-hilted Dagger
Medium: Mughal
Location: India
Dated: 18th century
Dimensions & Materials: 43 cm. With slightly curving watered steel blade, the hilt set with rows of gemstones including rubies and emeralds set in gold.

indexArmenian Queen’s Stiletto
Knifemakers: Knickmeyer & Dadyan
Blade: 9 bar composite Turkish twist mosaic damascus blade forged by Mastersmith Hank Knickmeyer
Handle: Solid sterling silver repousse inlaid with set with faceted peridot gems
Sheath: Matching solid silver repousse with wood lining

indexYataghan Sword
Dated: 1727-1728
Culture: Ottoman
Medium: stell with walrus tusk ivory, leather, incised and stamped gold
Measurements: overall length: 21 1/4 inches (53.98 cm)

indexThe Pulwar Sword. A pulwar (also spelled pulouar) is a single handed curved sword from Afghanistan and neighbouring regions of Pakistan and Northwestern India. It is the traditional sword of the Pashtun people.

indexChinese White Jade Horse Hilt Mughal Steel Dagger. A single-edged sturdy steel blade with an elaborated gold and silver inlaid ferrule, beautifully sculptured horse’s head hilt. The bronze scabbard body is finely decorated in gilt-inlaid with floral design, measures 40.5cm long and dates from the Qianlong period.

indexUnknown Artist / Maker
Dated: 1809
Place of Origin: Turkey and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Medium: Iron or steel, gold, silver, wood, metal and shagreen, engraved and embossed
Measurements: length: 63.5 cm, blade
Inscription: ‘A.H. 1224’ Engraved, A.D. 1809
Maker’s mark: Bladesmith’s mark Stamped, on roughly engraved ewer-shaped panel 7 inches from hilt
Inscription: Inscription with ‘1846’ In silver
Import mark: French

indexGold Gilt Kindjal Dagger
Dated: 20th century
Culture: Russian
Place of Origin: Europe

indexSilver & Gold plated Bronze Dagger
Dated: mid-19th century
Culture: French
Medium: bronze, silver, gold



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