Obiectele Istoriei (II)

24hGuCwEmerald Watch, circa 1600 – from Museum of London exhibition “The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels”

hfZuIBGMoctezuma’s headdress: a featherwork crown (feathers of quetzal, gold & precious stones) which tradition holds belonged to Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor at the time of the Spanish conquest. It is attested since 1575 in the collections of Archduke Ferdinand

ZVMTt8EGauntlets from 1585 made from gold, silver, steel and leather

0B4WhaRGerman Sturmgewehr 44, considered to be the first modern assault rifle. 1942-1945; this one is from Polish Army Museum

df3uvOMGeorge IV’s Diamond encrusted Coronation sword, made in 1820; it cost £5,988, equivalent of £251,059

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Lion Monument is a sculpture in Lucerne, Switzerland which commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris. 19th century

iXAj80KBenjamin Franklin’s Walking Stick. Franklin later bequeathed the cane to his friend and fellow revolutionary George Washington. 1783

fNElrXJSir Winston Churchill’s half smoked cigar with its foil wrap for Macanudo, Jamaica; 1941

d4mpifXSir Winston Churchill’s siren suit. Presented by Lady Churchill to Blenheim Palace, UK

kCilhcnThe world’s oldest instrument, a bone flute. Probably used by Neanderthal, c. 40 000 BC. Divje Babe cave, Slovenia

tumblr_mzyhcpjdY11ri867ho4_12801690 book with filigree silver binding, housed in the National Library of Sweden

ptRDGsjLarge bore wheel lock pistol, circa 1560, South Germany (possibly Augsburg)

L14220_lot_138_Mughal_rock_crystal_mug_SothebysMughal rock crystal cup inlaid with rubies, emeralds and diamonds, 18th century

6160674499_b80a9d143f_zA gold “Poporo” by the Quimbaya people of Colombia from 300CE. Used to mash coca leaves for human consumption

vvUi83VNapoleon’s three chamber box lock pistol

F3BhYkDGutenberg Bible, the book that started the printing revolution, circa 1455

ooLniIiThe Spiral Chandelier made for Napoleon’s youngest brother, Jérôme Bonaparte. About five-and-a-half feet tall by three feet wide. 1810–1811

IDs7YjWHandwritten notes by Christopher Columbus on the Latin edition of Marco Polo’s Le livre des merveilles

1472134815_39bbda36df_oDanish Regalia – Crown of Christian IV, 1595

15653081225_cee2cd0895_kItems belonging to victims of 1940 Katyn massacre (4500 Polish officers were killed by NKVD).

j12r5uZWolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s violin made by Dalla Costa in 1764

j0xppErCelestial Planetarium, ca. 1820-1830, France – National Maritime Museum

nfJwgz14 ton, gold-leaf covered State Carriage of King George III. Built in 1760 for an equivalent of $2.5 million

SgzckiSJapanese dragonfly helmet, 17th century

tD2aXP6Papa Palatine Tiara used by Popes from Pope Pius IX (1877) until last worn by Pope John XXIII (1959)


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